Sunday, January 28, 2007

Now I finally found my gifts... I'll be a Celebrity Missionary! (look out Kirk Cameron)


shroomAzoom said...

"Celebrity Missionary." Renny, you're hill-air-ious. Jenn and I were watching a movie this weekend and thought the male lead was behaving just like you. Unfortunately, I can't remember which movie it was. Oy.

Anyway, maybe there's a future for you in celebrity missions. That almost sounds like the name of a television show, "Celebrity Missionary Knockout."

Paula T said...

no fair....all your people are cute!!! but at least you didn't get any girls....heh heh

Renny said...

I was going to delete this post, but I'm finding the replies very amusing. Sounds like Shroom was watching a movie about a suave, yet modest gentleman with arresting good looks.

And speaking of Bono, who actually is kind of a missionary-celebrity, I expect to be writing a post shortly on his interview with Bill Hybels. Stay tuned.

(Paula, I have to confess to omitting Billy Connolly and Tupac Shakur from the collage).