Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Something Christian-ey about those fish?

Just thought I'd publish something just in case it comes in handy some day (like my "One Pint Sermon") ....

On a walk near my mother's house, my sister asked me if I would ever put a Jesus fish on my car if I had one. I answered no, that I didn't want to look like a Christian-by-fish-only. She then said, "there's something fishy about those Christians." It was such a clever remark, that I wanted to see if anyone else ever used it. On a google search of the term, there is only one person who did so, commenting about a new Linux operating system (or "ubuntu") for Christians. In this case, however, the writer appears to not be making any intentional pun or comment about Jesus fish.

Once again, it should be emphasized that Jesus, when he called his disciples, said "follow me" (not follow ministry endeavours, programs, activities, books, gimmicks, pastors, etc.). And this was after he gave the call to repentence (that is, agreeing with God and what he says against you, and what he did for you through Jesus).

(picture credit: from http://mikemariano.com/weblog/2004/10/)


Anonymous said...

whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!! you're blogging!!!!!

David and Erin James said...

Hi Renny, I heard that you were in TBay for a visit via my dad, did you two play scrabble again? Good to hear about your recent happenings, Erin

Renny said...

Yeah, I finally caved: blogging appears to be the new "cafe" and "living room" of the age we're passing through.

Once again, Robert beat me in two Scrabble games, as he disciples me in my "vocabularic" abilities (and as I continue to invent new words).

Carla said...


It was fun to find your blog!

Anonymous said...

I've used fish before on my cars. It some parts of the US it makes you stand out, and in other parts your just another fish lover. Up north it seams that people who demonstrate affiliation /w Christ are more likely to be persecuted and so more likely sincere than down south (aka the bible belt). Have you also seen or considered the fish with the name Darwin written in it?


Renny said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I have nothing against using a Jesus fish per se. I do, however, perceive a lukewarm church that is visible in following gimmicks, programs, ritual, etc., while seeing very little of following Jesus in the rough and tumble of life.

As for the "Darwin fish", this kind of thing illustrates that Christian gimmickism can get to be so silly that even the world will notice such Christians (I dare say, not for the right reasons) and mock their practices. If I'm mocked because, for example, I make a decision out of love for Christ that turns away from the love of money (say, leaving my career to serve in ministry), then I think the persecution is worth it. But if someone is mocking me because I'm displaying some Christian cliche, I can't necessarily say that this is "sharing in the sufferings of the Lord" (as opposed to the many examples in history of people repenting after seeing God's people undergoing tremendous trials while rejoicing in them and loving their oppressors. I have yet to meet someone, however, who repented because he saw a Jesus fish on a car).

Part of my reasons for my comments about "gimmickism without substance" is seeing my own heart that is prone to wander as such, but also growing and getting to know the Lord much more intimately as a result of focussing on my "invisible" walk in the Lord (that is, at the heart level).

Saskboy said...

Interesting search, it isn't quite a legal "googlewhack" but it got just one result which is impressive.

To be fair, Scout made the comment and could have intended the pun.

Renny said...

Thanks for the comment, Saskboy. BTW I really enjoyed your comments on the Christian Linux OS. I thought the saying "what would Jesus download" was itself a clever and humourous commentary, until I realized that the website promoting the OS is actually has the phrase as its domain! You're right that maybe Scout intended to make a pun on "Jesus fish", which is why I used the word "appears" as a qualifier.