Sunday, December 24, 2006

Blogging reorganization; Hi from T.Bay (home for xmas)

The other day, my friend Sandy Taddeo said something thoughtful about blogging. He said, "You have to be pretty vain to keep a daily blog. I mean, who cares if you're mad at the store clerk who gave you bad service??"

My general agreement with Sandy's sentiments explains my "lack" of blogging. For the past year and a half, I've been blogging maybe an average of once every 2 months at

I'm thinking of using this Blogger site as my regular blog, mostly because my friends and associates use it. Please visit my Mindsay site if you actually want to read my previous thoughts on:
  • doctrinal issues (mostly the sovereignty of God and our response to him revealing himself);
  • my bizarre work search experiences (like having great difficulty getting work as a substitute teacher yet having no problem getting permanent contract offers);
  • living in Vancouver (holding the distinction of fusing the stifling crowds of Asia, the gross debauchery of Europe, and the excessive individualism of North America).
  • moving to Edmonton (where I can breathe again for awhile anyway -- before the red-hot oil economy inflates the city to near-Vancouverian proportions. Tories rule the land, no GST, low income taxes, and the public school system even includes religious schools; even the secular schools sing Christmas carols -- including the hardcore Jesus and Mary ones. It's like running to the last conservative compartment of Canada's Titanic before the whole kaboodle sinks).

Other than that, may I encourage you to seek the purposes of the God who created you. Come Lord Jesus Come.


Anonymous said...

Well it is good to know that all the churches are still packed for Christmas. Like the little boy told the minister. "I want to get the baby Jesus 3 camels for Christmas, so they can carry all the presents the 3 wise guys gave him."

Renny said...

I imagine you're talking about our *response* to God's word. Nice little story there that wiggles the belly, and illustrates our tendancy to reverse the order of creation. Thank God that he reveals himself, through Jesus Christ, as all sufficient, and the giver (as opposed to the giv-ee) of all good things.